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Auction Items in Action!

Sea Dog Outing with Mrs. Kameisha
A popular auction item offered in our "Schools and Teachers" area is an outing for three children to a Sea Dogs game with 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Kameisha. The outing includes food, a gift from the souvenir shop, a picture taken on the field and a tour of the clubhouse. Dawson Jowett said, "The tour of the locker room was awesome!"

NESN Tour with 4 Red Sox Tickets
This auction item is a once in a lifetime opportunity for four Red Sox Fans to go to Fenway and meet the NESN program crew and watch the pre-game show backstage with NESN's Tom Caron.  It's always a thrill!  Shari Elder & family with Tom Caron!

Sunset Dinner on an Island in Casco Bay 2008
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This was another "poster party" item hosted by three couples who each ferried a group out on their boat to an island in Casco Bay.  They set up a campfire and served appetizers and a wonderful dinner while watching the sunset. It was a beautiful, relaxing evening and everyone liked it so much, the hosts offered to do it again the following year.  Thank you Karen & Dave Finnegan, Connie & Liam Russell and Elizabeth & Brad Clark for these wonderful excursions! 

Fire Truck Ride
Getting a ride to school in a Cumberland Fire Truck is always a big hit!
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Broomball at NYA
One great option we offer at our auctions is the opportunity to sign up for "poster parties".  These are events that individuals or families can sign up to participate in at a later date. One of our most popular has been a broomball game for families at NYA over Christmas vacation.  It's a afternoon of rowdy but controlled fun for all!

Abaco Bahamas Vacation House
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Over the years, many families have enjoyed this fabulous home on Abaco in the Bahamas. Generally, 2 or 3 families get together and spend a week on this lovely beach with beautiful waters and terrific bluefish fishing.

Casco Bay Island Dinner 2009
A repeat the next  year was enjoyed by another group!  

Casco Bay Island Dinner 2010
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A third year drew another group! It was a fabulous afternoon to be on the water, and the boaters enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and beverages as they traveled out to an island in the bay. After everyone managed to get onto the beach without getting wet (well, one unnamed captain did fall in!), the adventurers were served more appetizers while their hosts started a fire and prepared a wonderful steak and sausage dinner. The company was wonderful, the food was delicious and the setting was unbeatable. As the groups headed back to Yarmouth, everyone agreed that it had been one of their most memorable outings of the summer!