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FALL 2008

"Physical Theatre with Gretchen Berg"  
 Grant Writer - Theresa Cameron Raymond, MIW 1st Grade Teacher 


"Dear Mr. Johnson and Foundation 51 Committee,  
How very kind of the Committee to grant us the privilege to work with Gretchen Berg.   Her work is kid friendly, rich with literacy connections and highly inclusive....For all the many ways you support us, our dear children and their learning experiences, we are most grateful.  Peace! Gratitudes!"  
~Theresa Cameron Raymond

"Many thanks for allowing such a great opportunity for our students."  
~Jenna Burke

"We truly look forward to this rich experience. Mucho thanks." 
~Candy Allen

"Restorative Justice Staff Training"
Grant Writer - Bobbi Goodwin, GMS School Counselor

"Dear Foundation 51 Grants Committee,
I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate receiving the grant award for the "Restorative Justice Practices" at GMS.  I've shared the news with other grant supporters and everyone is delighted!!  In these tough budget times, there just isn't enough money to go around, so we know your decision making process was probably challenging.  Thank you for doing all the thinking and work that it takes to support our programing in MSAD 51.  And we'll keep you posted on how Restorative Justice works out.  Thanks." 
~Bobbi Goodwin


"Giving Voice To Young Authors/PA System"

"Digital Microscrope"

GMS Science

"25 Violins and Accessories"

"Smart Board & Projector"