There are many volunteer opportunities with Foundation 51! We can find something for everyone based on your interests and time availability. No matter what you choose, we promise you'll find it a fun and rewarding experience. 

Here are just a few possibilities:
  • Do you want to be on the board making policy decisions? Or be on the Grants Committee deciding what initiatives to fund? 
  • How about helping with event planning? Do you like to come up with fun ideas? Organize groups? Plan parties? Our biggest fundraiser is currently an auction, but we are also exploring other fun ideas, and we welcome yours! 
  • How about working on communications regarding our upcoming events? do you have artistic skills? writing skills? 
  • Do you like to take photos? Interact with teachers? We need folks to attend some of the programs we fund at the schools and help keep the website current with reports and pictures.
  • Are you a student who would like to be on our Grants Committee? The student representative application can be found by Clicking Here
We have jobs big AND small, so if you want quick little tasks, they're available! If you want a steady but moderate job, we've got those, too! If you'd like to lead the charge on a project, fantastic!

We thank you for your time and interest in Foundation 51!

Please Click Here to volunteer, request more information or get your free magnet.